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Please contact at the following address for necessary help. A guideline will be provided shortly on how to write paper for 'SAFA'. The main headings of the manuscript consists of 6 sections as follows:




The objective of this section is provide a brief back ground of the study followed by a little discussion on problem statement. Problem Statement is a crucial part of a manuscript having centered the necessarily of the study and justification. At the end of the Introduction it is useful to provide the sitemap of the manuscript such as                    

"The study initially discusses the nature of the farming followed by a method section in which the tools discussed that used to reach a conclusion regarding the success of small-scale farming in emerging a strong social mechanism for enhancing livelihood and improving environmental degradation problem. A results and discussion section is followed by a brief discussion on policy and recommendation at the end."


Literature Review


Literature review section is optional. Author could provide necessary reviews of literature done in a continuous section of Introduction or in a following section. Literature review section is very important for a study and support authors work in examining the consistency of the study in terms relevant work.




Excluding theory all short of necessary procedures followed to fulfil the objective of the study should be included in this section. From the first stop such as data collection up to the last step such as appropriate analytical technique and its validation should be discussed in this section. The author must take extra care for Methods section as if it does not mislead any information that violates theory and common norms of research.


if there is any ethical issue related to the research should be focused in this section by clarifying how the issue has been griped. Adequate reference must be there for supporting the argument on analysis if the approach is not traditionally supported by the literatures.


Results and discussion


This section provides the outcome of the study and necessary synthesis to reach a meaningful conclusion. It is to be written by following the sequence of objectives set in the introduction. All necessary figures and tables must be cited in the right place before or after the table or figure. All figures and tables must be numbered separately. Care should be taken in this section on heading style and should be as follows:


First heading-------Capitalized

   Second heading--------title capitalized

        Third heading-----------sentence capitalization



Conclusion of the study must be drawn based on the findings of the study. The description in conclusion must be consistent and meaningfully brief. A recommendation section could be following the conclusion section which focuses on the decisions made on the basis of the findings of the study.




This is an optional section. If author wishes to acknowledge someone for the contribution in writing the manuscript could be addressed in this section.




Reference section should be written with extra care and followed by the provided style. Please click for the SAFA referencing style. If the referencing style is not followed properly the publication might be delayed.




necessary tables or figures that are supportive to follow the flow of the manuscript could be put in Appendices section. But number of appendix is advised not to exit 2-3.


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