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An author can request for paid editorial services. This service is very helpful for the authors from non-native English speaking country and beginners in academic publications, mostly post-graduate students: The benefits are as follows:


a. You can publish an academic article out of your academic research work. The ES will guide you through to create an article with all kinds of supports that you need. You can start from scratch and come up with a complete publishable idea.

b. Along with the development of the article, you will also learn writing academic articles.

c. The ES will look after the required guidelines for perfection and submission to IJBMS.

d. The service will help you to increase the chance of acceptance to be published in IJBMS, a SCOPUS listed journal.

e. Consult the ES team at for a quotation. If you need any clarifications or advices, please email to


80 Davey Rd, Gatton 4343 Australia

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