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Before making a submission please check all through the reference section and citations whether prepared as the guidelines given at the bottom of this page. We will be returning the paper immediately and after three requests for proper revision, the paper will be considered for rejection even accepted halfway. This has been an issue for the publisher finding it difficulty to make author(s) understand the consequence of such events. Read more....

An article may take about a year to be published if submitted without following the format, proper citations and references and English language check. Please take note that if the submitted article found with poor quality of language, you may need to send it to the langauge editor appointed by us. We do not accpet any language edit anymore done by external editors (outside of IJBMS editors). If an article needs language edit, we informs the author and guide through.

Download a sample article - click here

Publication fees (please contact the editors at

If the language and editorial aspects are not followed, you may be asked for proof of language editing through IJBMS editors as well as a plagiarism report from Turn-it-in along with the copy of the paid invoice. If it requires, in some cases the submitted article may need to be verified by the unit head of the affiliated institutions. IJBMS does not accept any submission through any third party. The corresponding author of an article must make the submission directly. If violation found in submission such as submission through third party, the respective article will not be processed and the fee will be forfeit; if published, will be removed from the respective issue.   


Submission of an Article (Click here to download this short note on submission)

IJBMS prefers to publish original articles written specifically for the journal as opposed to papers prepared for presentation or publication elsewhere. The journal occasionally accepts previously published articles if they are judged to be of particular value and have had only limited distribution (In such a case, it must be mentioned during submission. the otherwise known later will be considered a violation of the journal publication policies). Articles should be submitted to addressing the chief editor at the first stage without any attachments of the required supporting documentation. At the second stage, if the corresponding author is notified about the preliminary assessment, the following submission guidelines must be followed (please do not forget to include the article again). Please keep it in mind that the preliminary assessment may only have a notification of either processed or unprocessed in the subject line. There may not be any note in the email reasoning the assessment. The author(s) are advised not to send any communication to any of the editors regarding the assessment.


a. Terms and conditions for publication (download from here);

b. Two potential reviewers’ names and contact details;

c. The ‘copyright transfer form’ (download  here) must be submitted;

d. A plagiarism-prevention declaration form also must be submitted (Click here to download the form). You need to provide a Plagiarism Check by Turn-it-in or other renown organizations and submit it with your submission. If you have questions, please contact

e. Both the form of b and c require to be signed necessarily but a digital signature is appreciated. The forms must be sent from corresponding author’s email address which must be maintained until the paper is published, if accepted;

f. along with author(s)’s biography (75 words);

g. Every corresponding author of a manuscript must subscribe the corresponding email address to the group email list  maintained by the publisher. The email subscription process is available at this link:’s%20page.htm; Click here for more

h. The manuscript needs to be prepared by following the sample article. Click here for sample article.

i. Academic language (English) standard must be maintained. Please remember, if the language standard is not accepted by IJBMS, you might require sending it to a language editor. You will be notified about this issue after making the decision of acceptance or rejection. If the article is accepted with a condition it has to go through language editor, you must be ready for that. IJBMS will not bear any cost for language edit and so on. If you have any confusion, please discuss this along with your submission. If you would like to discuss this after the review process started, you will not have any opportunity to withdraw your paper. The publication fee will be forfeit if you do not send it to any language editor and get it accepted by IJBMS.


All the above supporting documentations must be in a zipped file named with the corresponding author’s sure name and submission date as this given example John-sub-02122019. Here, the date format is DayMonthYear. If the documents are not in a zipped file, the submission will not be processed


Edit-suggestions by the Editors Before Review

IJBMS has adopted an effective mechanism to assist the authors in preparing their manuscript, if lacks required standard, to be accepted by the journal. Click here for more


Process Time before Publication Decision

Incomplete submission is sent back to the author with the instructions to be followed to make a complete submission. A submitted manuscript is provided with edit-suggestions, if requires, by chief editor until it is ready for review. Click here for more


Format Requirement

Manuscripts should preferably be on A4 paper, in Times Roman 11 point font, single spacing. Shorter contributions are welcome. The first page of  an article should include title and a brief abstract  or summary (100 words). The 2nd page should provide author's(s) details (full name, title and contact address (including telephone, fax and e-mail). Click here for more


Manuscript Length

A research paper or review paper may have maximum 12000 words whereas a case study or short communication should be limited to 8000 words. The word count of a research or methodological note should not exceed 6000 words. A book review should be limited to 1500 words. The journal always appreciate short papers but without sacrificing necessary methodological description. Each letter must not exceed a world count of 500 words.


Illustrative Materials

Authors are encouraged to provide supporting illustrative material with manuscripts. Tables, graphs, maps and drawings should not be separated from the body of the text. Click here for more



Articles should be written in plain, concise language and in a style that is accessible and interesting to professionals in general, and not only to specialists in the topic concerned. Click here for more



All measurements should be given in the metric system. When monetary data are mentioned, a conversion to US dollars should be included, based on the current rate at the time the article is submitted.


Equation (Formulae) Click here for more

Tables Click here for more

Proofs Click here for more

References Click here for more

[Note: When we calculate the index 'SAFATM (Standardized Acceptance  Factor Average)' the reviewers' comments on the entire format as well as reference section are considered. The SAFA can be lower due to low score in these two criteria. Please be aware of your format and reference section. The SAFA is important because the journal makes its decision based on this index which appears on the top right corner of the cover page of a published article. Usually if an article shows the SAFA more than 0.5 and closed to 1 indicates high quality according to reviewer's opinion.]


Articles should be accompanied by appropriate references. Click here for more.

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