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You can submit your articles  to our journals for possible publication

If you make a submission to any of our journals, please subscribe to the email list. It is mandatory.


Membership benefit

1.  Paid membership registration is optional.

2. For publication corresponding author must be a member to receive the discount. Student and professional membership fee is USD 80 and USD 120 respectively.

3. If you are a paid member you can publish two subsequent articles in the International Journal of Business and Management Science with a discount up to 45% of full publication fees. In such case Corresponding author must be the first author. If you are one of the authors but not corresponding, the new corresponding author must be pay the membership fee to ensure the discount. Please contact for further clarification if you need.

4. A free book entitled "Publishing in the Eminent Journals" published by the society.

5. Please contact for organizing your registration and membership payment option.


Non-membership benefit

1. Subscription is free for an author or interested individual to be on the mailing list. Please subscribe to the email list which is mandatory for submitting your article.


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