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Editorial Focus 

The Asian Journal of Agriculture and Resource Economics (AJOARE) is an avenue for publishing research works that relates to the agricultural and resource economics issues in the region. The journal covers only the Asian region including Asia Pacific with a view of sharing research background and scope. We encourage contributors to submit their manuscripts dealing with agriculture and resource economics issues of the developing economies and partially relevant to developed economies as well. A manuscript that focuses on a research area (country or region) which is considered developed economy are not appreciated for publication in AJOARE.

AJOARE is published in July and December regularly with irregular special issues. Each issue of AJOARE includes full length research paper, review paper, research or methodological note, short communication and book review.

Review Policy 

The journal follows a 2-stage review system which ensures quality assurance process for academic publication. A manuscript is provided with edit-suggestions at the first stage by an editor before the review process. Once a manuscript is ready in all aspects of AJOARE's requirements, the manuscript is sent out for a double-blind review. The reviewed manuscript is examined by chief editor and author is notified the decision on publication accordingly. The standard process of publication is followed onward this stage. Please click here to more about submission procedure.  

Scope of Being of One of Us

Accepted manuscript implies that the respective author(s) will be listed on the Guest Reviewer Section (GRS) after being evaluated by the editorial board. The proposed potential reviewers by the authors also will be listed on the GRS being evaluated similarly.

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