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The modern science, no matter social or basic, changes everyday in terms of innovation, invention and application. Today's science is more complete than that of the earlier centuries. Moreover, the effective invasion of ICT in every portfolio of knowledge warrants more skills to be competitive. These days a researcher needs to be on better networking with other researchers through out the world to strengthen their initiatives. The Society for Alliance, Fidelity and Advancement (SAFA) is an initiative by a group of scientists who work together within a forum and provides a reliable platform to share knowledge with each other.


SAFA focuses on the development of research skills of early career researchers. The goal of the society is to make an alliance of all young researchers globally. This alliance of the society makes all researchers, particularly young researchers, more secure and stronger to achieve their research target. The SAFA provides its members with the opportunities to become more enlightened in research culture as well as to strengthen academic research activities. The SAFA invites everyone irrespective of discipline to join and share knowledge with the other fellow members.


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The members are prohibited to discuss personal, political and religious matters. Any member is found with such act will be eliminated from the group list.


The members of the SAFA are able to communicate with each other through a Group Email ID.  The society promotes and facilitates communication through the society for meeting academic needs. In addition to worldwide communication, it facilitates the members to be skilled in academic writing and publication as well. Please click here to know more. The society assists publishing in the International Journal of Business and Management Science (IJBMS) (Print: ISSN 1835-6614) (Online: 1985-692X). The journal is indexed in many international databases like Cabell's Directory, EbsCohost, ProQuest and INFORMIT. The submission procedure can be found on the journal website. The journal provides an editorial support to the postgraduate students who are the beginers in publishing journal articles. Furthermore, for all submissions an initial review is arranged as if an author may be benefited without having been rejected at the begining.


Please Visit the member's area for subscribing your email address. With the subscription you will be receiving emails  occasionally. In order to be a member of the Society for Alliance, Fidelity and Advancement you must have a Gmail ID. If you don't have one, click here


The author(s) who contributes to the Journal automatically subscribes the membership of the society. Subscribing his/her email address is mandatory. A complete submission requires this mandatory subscription.      


Thank you

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